Welcome to Envision DTP digital exhibition 2020

We are excited to bring you the first Envision digital exhibition to celebrate the research of our students. We would like to thank the participating students for the outstanding quality of the work that they have put into their entries. We would also like to thank infohackit for working with our students over the past […]

Infographic Plants

Young, Sophie // Turbo-charging photosynthesis

Summary C4 photosynthesis is a ‘turbo-charged’ form of photosynthesis found in our most productive crop species. This infographic explains how C4 photosynthesis works, what plants use it, and why it’s important to scientists, in a way that is accessible to A-Level Biology students. Transcript C4 is a turbo-charged form of photosynthesis. C4 photosynthesis is found […]

Awards Infographic Soil & geology

★ Withers, Emma // What’s in the soil?

Summary This infographic is targeted at Key Stage 3 students, communicating my work on using untargeted metabolomics to assess soil quality and microbial function. Transcript What’s in the soil? Soils in different places have different properties: they could be sandy, salty, waterlogged or full of nutrients. Lots of microbes live in the soil. Microbes are […]

Carbon Infographic

Walrond, Sam // The response of soil microbes and soil carbon to warming in tropical forests

Summary This infographic is primarily based upon a research paper: Microbial responses to warming enhance soil carbon loss following translocation across tropical forest elevation gradient (Nottingham et al., 2019). The infographic seeks to target A-level students and scientifically-informed public, to highlight the role of microbes in carbon cycling by case study. Thus, this infographic attempts […]

Infographic Soil & geology

Unwin, Holly E. // Can tuffisites lower a volcano’s stress levels?

Summary This infographic is aimed at geologists, who will understand technical terms, but do not necessarily have a background in volcanology. It shows how tuffisites are formed, their potential role in moderating the explosivity of an eruption, and what they might be able to tell us about how fluid pressure evolves inside a volcano in […]

Climate change Ecosystems Infographic

Turner, Laura L. // Changes in the Arctic: Getting to the root of the problem

Summary This infographic describes climate change in the Arctic, some potential impacts on ecosystem functioning, specifically roots and belowground processes. It highlights the importance of studying belowground components of these Arctic ecosystems. For non-specific academic audience. Transcript Climate change is occurring in the Arctic at a rapid rate compared with the rest of the globe. […]

Awards Carbon Forests Visual abstract

★ Smith, Charlotte C. // Secondary forest carbon stock

Summary Designed to accompany my recently submitted research paper, this visual abstract outlines some of the key findings of the first chapter of my thesis, which calculates the extent, age and carbon stock of secondary forests in Brazil. It is intended for a specialist audience, who are well versed in environmental science but may not […]

Carbon Infographic Marine & freshwater

Sieradzan, Katie // Global oceans: Source or sink?

Summary Welcome to the fascinating world of the physical oceanography of shelf seas – the foundation that influences many ocean processes! This particular infographic (and the transcript below) is aimed at pupils in key stage 4. While climate change is covered in depth as part of the key stage 4 geography National Curriculum, ocean processes […]

Ecosystems Human interactions Infographic

Sartorius, Andrea // How trace metals distribute throughout ecosystems

Summary I created this infographic for the general adult public to illustrate how trace metals from derelict mines distribute throughout the surrounding ecosystem. Many people live near abandoned mine sites, but are unaware of the potential health risks. Using the current findings of my study, I highlight how trace metals disperse across environments and accumulate […]

Air pollution & contamination Marine & freshwater Poster

Ramage, Calum // Assessing the impacts of environmental contaminants on the Olifants River, Kruger National Park: from sediments to crocodiles

Summary The aim of this poster is to give the audience an explanatory introduction to my research. My target audience is simply a broad range of researchers with a scientific background who may have an interest in environmental sciences. Due to current circumstances, no data has yet been collected. The poster therefore merely explains the […]

Awards Biodiversity Ecosystems Visual abstract

★ Panter, Connor // Sex and age differences in the diet of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk using web-sourced photographs

Summary Eurasian Sparrowhawks are bird eating raptors displaying high sexual size dimorphism with females considerably larger than males. Both sexes feed on different prey items however diet differences remain unquantified. Using 673 web-sourced images of sparrowhawk kills, we quantified diet differences for the first time. Average female prey items were three times heavier than males. […]

Marine & freshwater Poster

Olsson, Freya // Can we improve lake water quality by modifying inflow rates?

Summary This poster offers an overview of a novel restoration method aiming to improve the water quality in nutrient enriched lake systems. The poster introduces a model system where the restoration has occurred as well as the methodology being used to test the impact of the work. The poster offers insights to lake managers (such […]


Oliver, Tom // Tracking bees using drones

Summary Many insect species,including bees, are suffering a decline in numbers. To understand the causes of declines it must be possible to quantify an insects movement over great distances. This can be achieved through the use of a new drone technology produced at Bangor University. Target audience: Children up to adults who have a basic […]

Biodiversity Human interactions Infographic

Melvin, Zoe // Living with humans: how disturbance affects the Zanzibar red colobus

Summary This infographic aims to explain the rationale and plan for my PhD research to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I hope that it communicates my research in a simple and visually-appealing way to increase engagement with students within and outside of my institution. It advertises my research and my research group to prospective students. Transcript […]

Awards Ecosystems Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Kemp, Hannah // Bloomin’ blanket weed

Summary Across the UK, many freshwater ecosystems are experiencing more frequent and widespread blooms of filamentous macroalgae, more commonly known as blanket weed blooms. This infographic explores the main causes of these blooms and the impacts they have on both lake ecology and ecosystem services. It is aimed at KS3 secondary school students who are […]

Awards Infographic Marine & freshwater Plastics

★ Jones, Nia // The story of microplastic

Summary Plastic, and subsequent microplastic pollution is a known hazard in our seas, but its full cycle from source, through transportation, to fate is less discussed. This infographic aims to introduce microplastic pollution, and its life cycle, to early secondary school students to engage them in the topic of plastic pollution and encourage them to […]

Awards Climate change Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Hunt, Laura // Lake mud detectives: Investigating past environmental change of tropical crater lakes

Summary The infographic will be published as part of a magazine edited by the Past Global Changes project (PAGES) aimed at teenagers with an interest in environmental science, in order to promote their understanding and appreciation of the palaeosciences. The aim of this infographic is to provide a broad understanding of my PhD research field, […]

Ecosystems Infographic

Hodgson, Mary // The savanna life planner

Summary The lack of tightly packed trees and subsequent domination of grasses that characterise savannas has traditionally been linked to human deforestation. However, recent research into the frequent grass fuelled fires has begun to answer questions on the origins of savannas. The purpose of this infographic is to aid GCSE Biology students learning about the […]

Awards Human interactions Marine & freshwater Poster

★ Hamilton, Mark // Implications of coral reef degradation for fisheries

Summary This poster introduces my PhD project and highlights the research questions I plan to investigate regarding tropical coral reef degradation and small-scale fisheries. My poster is aimed at early-career scientists who are thinking about doing a PhD (e.g. undergraduate/masters students) and I hope that it illustrates the process of defining different research questions within […]

Ecosystems Forests Poster

Gresham, Amy // Can’t see the deer for the trees? Behavioural ecology of fallow deer in a human-altered landscape

Summary This poster provides an overview of my PhD and is aimed at students and researchers in biological sciences. Deer populations are expanding and pose a threat to woodland habitats. This project aims to identify factors influencing fallow deer activity and behaviour in different woodland environments in North Wales. Deer activity levels are predicted to […]

Ecosystems Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

Francis, Beth // Near-island enhancement in mesopelagic micronekton communities

Summary My visual abstract focuses on differences in mesopelagic micronekton communities at 500m, nearshore and offshore of west Hawai`i. Using night-time trawls, we showed differences in biomass, abundance and community composition between locations. My aim is to raise interest in the paper when published. My target audience are students and researchers, with a broad interest […]

Human interactions Poster

Flint, Liz // Impacts of public water supply on macronutrient cycles around the world

Summary This poster aims to act as a visual summary of my project’s proposal, inluding a summary of my first few weeks reading around the topic. The target audience is participants of this exhibition, as well as my friends and family, allowing them to further understand what my PhD will involve. I enjoyed putting my […]

Awards Energy Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

★ Exley, Giles // Floating solar panels affect temperature and stratification in lakes

Summary Summarising the effects of increasing floating solar coverage on lake temperature and stratification dynamics, this abstract simplifies a non-linear response into three different densities of floating solar coverage. Originally created for submission to Water Research, this Adobe Illustrator crafted graphical abstract underwent substantial structural changes to fit the specific design brief for the Envision […]

Biodiversity Forests Infographic

Devenish, Katie // Biodiversity offsets based on avoided loss

Summary This infographic is intended to illustrate the concept of biodiversity offsetting based on avoided loss and how this can contribute towards ensuring No Net Loss of biodiversity results from a development project. It is aimed at introducing the concept, which is relatively complex, to non-experts who have not come across it before. The target […]

Air pollution & contamination Infographic

Clayson, Alison // Exposure from pollutants in soil

Summary This infographic is designed to give A-level students background about the different factors that can influence a pollutant entering the body from soil. It includes soil properties that affect the pollutant’s release from soil and the different exposure pathways a pollutant can enter the body. Specifically, it focuses on the dermal pathway and understanding […]

Biodiversity Plants Poster

Carter, Ruth // Developing new management strategies for the Fall Armyworm and African Armyworm

Summary Both the Fall Armyworm moth (Spodoptera frugiperda), the African Armyworm moth (Spodoptera exempta) are a significant threat to African food security. Since S. frugiperda arrival in Africa four years ago, it has already spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Also, with the rise of pesticide poisoning in Africa, it is essential to find alternatives. I aim […]

Awards Biodiversity Energy Poster

★ Blaydes, Hollie // Ten techniques to enhance pollinator biodiversity on solar parks

Summary This poster is aimed at the solar industry, including solar park owners or managers, who know little about pollinators but are interested in using sites to enhance biodiversity. Ten techniques to make solar parks more pollinator-friendly are suggested and are based directly on evidence from a review study, with input from key stakeholders. The […]

Awards Plastics Poster Soil & geology

★ Billings, Alex // Plasticiser in the UK terrestrial environment: occurrence and bioaccumulation?

Summary My poster lays out the plans that I have for my PhD. My overall aim is to investigate the distribution, profile and fate of plastic additives in the UK terrestrial environment.The project is multi-disciplinary and combines fieldwork, laboratory work and ecotoxicology testing, in addition to analytical techniques such as FTIR and GC-MS.I have pitched […]

Infographic Poster Visual abstract

Unpublished entries

In addition to those featured on this site, the following students entered the Envision digital exhibition 2020. These entries have been removed due to results not yet being published: Baines, Oliver // Accounting for geodiversity improves models of pan-arctic productivity change // poster Ford, Helen // Benthic seascape ecology of an oceanic island following mass […]