Carbon Infographic

Walrond, Sam // The response of soil microbes and soil carbon to warming in tropical forests

Summary This infographic is primarily based upon a research paper: Microbial responses to warming enhance soil carbon loss following translocation across tropical forest elevation gradient (Nottingham et al., 2019). The infographic seeks to target A-level students and scientifically-informed public, to highlight the role of microbes in carbon cycling by case study. Thus, this infographic attempts […]

Awards Carbon Forests Visual abstract

★ Smith, Charlotte C. // Secondary forest carbon stock

Summary Designed to accompany my recently submitted research paper, this visual abstract outlines some of the key findings of the first chapter of my thesis, which calculates the extent, age and carbon stock of secondary forests in Brazil. It is intended for a specialist audience, who are well versed in environmental science but may not […]

Carbon Infographic Marine & freshwater

Sieradzan, Katie // Global oceans: Source or sink?

Summary Welcome to the fascinating world of the physical oceanography of shelf seas – the foundation that influences many ocean processes! This particular infographic (and the transcript below) is aimed at pupils in key stage 4. While climate change is covered in depth as part of the key stage 4 geography National Curriculum, ocean processes […]