Awards Biodiversity Ecosystems Visual abstract

★ Panter, Connor // Sex and age differences in the diet of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk using web-sourced photographs

Summary Eurasian Sparrowhawks are bird eating raptors displaying high sexual size dimorphism with females considerably larger than males. Both sexes feed on different prey items however diet differences remain unquantified. Using 673 web-sourced images of sparrowhawk kills, we quantified diet differences for the first time. Average female prey items were three times heavier than males. […]

Biodiversity Human interactions Infographic

Melvin, Zoe // Living with humans: how disturbance affects the Zanzibar red colobus

Summary This infographic aims to explain the rationale and plan for my PhD research to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I hope that it communicates my research in a simple and visually-appealing way to increase engagement with students within and outside of my institution. It advertises my research and my research group to prospective students. Transcript […]

Biodiversity Forests Infographic

Devenish, Katie // Biodiversity offsets based on avoided loss

Summary This infographic is intended to illustrate the concept of biodiversity offsetting based on avoided loss and how this can contribute towards ensuring No Net Loss of biodiversity results from a development project. It is aimed at introducing the concept, which is relatively complex, to non-experts who have not come across it before. The target […]

Biodiversity Plants Poster

Carter, Ruth // Developing new management strategies for the Fall Armyworm and African Armyworm

Summary Both the Fall Armyworm moth (Spodoptera frugiperda), the African Armyworm moth (Spodoptera exempta) are a significant threat to African food security. Since S. frugiperda arrival in Africa four years ago, it has already spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Also, with the rise of pesticide poisoning in Africa, it is essential to find alternatives. I aim […]

Awards Biodiversity Energy Poster

★ Blaydes, Hollie // Ten techniques to enhance pollinator biodiversity on solar parks

Summary This poster is aimed at the solar industry, including solar park owners or managers, who know little about pollinators but are interested in using sites to enhance biodiversity. Ten techniques to make solar parks more pollinator-friendly are suggested and are based directly on evidence from a review study, with input from key stakeholders. The […]