Awards Infographic Soil & geology

★ Withers, Emma // What’s in the soil?

Summary This infographic is targeted at Key Stage 3 students, communicating my work on using untargeted metabolomics to assess soil quality and microbial function. Transcript What’s in the soil? Soils in different places have different properties: they could be sandy, salty, waterlogged or full of nutrients. Lots of microbes live in the soil. Microbes are […]

Infographic Soil & geology

Unwin, Holly E. // Can tuffisites lower a volcano’s stress levels?

Summary This infographic is aimed at geologists, who will understand technical terms, but do not necessarily have a background in volcanology. It shows how tuffisites are formed, their potential role in moderating the explosivity of an eruption, and what they might be able to tell us about how fluid pressure evolves inside a volcano in […]

Awards Plastics Poster Soil & geology

★ Billings, Alex // Plasticiser in the UK terrestrial environment: occurrence and bioaccumulation?

Summary My poster lays out the plans that I have for my PhD. My overall aim is to investigate the distribution, profile and fate of plastic additives in the UK terrestrial environment.The project is multi-disciplinary and combines fieldwork, laboratory work and ecotoxicology testing, in addition to analytical techniques such as FTIR and GC-MS.I have pitched […]