Awards Carbon Forests Visual abstract

★ Smith, Charlotte C. // Secondary forest carbon stock

Summary Designed to accompany my recently submitted research paper, this visual abstract outlines some of the key findings of the first chapter of my thesis, which calculates the extent, age and carbon stock of secondary forests in Brazil. It is intended for a specialist audience, who are well versed in environmental science but may not […]

Awards Biodiversity Ecosystems Visual abstract

★ Panter, Connor // Sex and age differences in the diet of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk using web-sourced photographs

Summary Eurasian Sparrowhawks are bird eating raptors displaying high sexual size dimorphism with females considerably larger than males. Both sexes feed on different prey items however diet differences remain unquantified. Using 673 web-sourced images of sparrowhawk kills, we quantified diet differences for the first time. Average female prey items were three times heavier than males. […]

Ecosystems Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

Francis, Beth // Near-island enhancement in mesopelagic micronekton communities

Summary My visual abstract focuses on differences in mesopelagic micronekton communities at 500m, nearshore and offshore of west Hawai`i. Using night-time trawls, we showed differences in biomass, abundance and community composition between locations. My aim is to raise interest in the paper when published. My target audience are students and researchers, with a broad interest […]

Awards Energy Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

★ Exley, Giles // Floating solar panels affect temperature and stratification in lakes

Summary Summarising the effects of increasing floating solar coverage on lake temperature and stratification dynamics, this abstract simplifies a non-linear response into three different densities of floating solar coverage. Originally created for submission to Water Research, this Adobe Illustrator crafted graphical abstract underwent substantial structural changes to fit the specific design brief for the Envision […]

Infographic Poster Visual abstract

Unpublished entries

In addition to those featured on this site, the following students entered the Envision digital exhibition 2020. These entries have been removed due to results not yet being published: Baines, Oliver // Accounting for geodiversity improves models of pan-arctic productivity change // poster Ford, Helen // Benthic seascape ecology of an oceanic island following mass […]