Awards Carbon Forests Visual abstract

★ Smith, Charlotte C. // Secondary forest carbon stock

Summary Designed to accompany my recently submitted research paper, this visual abstract outlines some of the key findings of the first chapter of my thesis, which calculates the extent, age and carbon stock of secondary forests in Brazil. It is intended for a specialist audience, who are well versed in environmental science but may not […]

Ecosystems Forests Poster

Gresham, Amy // Can’t see the deer for the trees? Behavioural ecology of fallow deer in a human-altered landscape

Summary This poster provides an overview of my PhD and is aimed at students and researchers in biological sciences. Deer populations are expanding and pose a threat to woodland habitats. This project aims to identify factors influencing fallow deer activity and behaviour in different woodland environments in North Wales. Deer activity levels are predicted to […]

Biodiversity Forests Infographic

Devenish, Katie // Biodiversity offsets based on avoided loss

Summary This infographic is intended to illustrate the concept of biodiversity offsetting based on avoided loss and how this can contribute towards ensuring No Net Loss of biodiversity results from a development project. It is aimed at introducing the concept, which is relatively complex, to non-experts who have not come across it before. The target […]