Ecosystems Human interactions Infographic

Sartorius, Andrea // How trace metals distribute throughout ecosystems

Summary I created this infographic for the general adult public to illustrate how trace metals from derelict mines distribute throughout the surrounding ecosystem. Many people live near abandoned mine sites, but are unaware of the potential health risks. Using the current findings of my study, I highlight how trace metals disperse across environments and accumulate […]

Biodiversity Human interactions Infographic

Melvin, Zoe // Living with humans: how disturbance affects the Zanzibar red colobus

Summary This infographic aims to explain the rationale and plan for my PhD research to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I hope that it communicates my research in a simple and visually-appealing way to increase engagement with students within and outside of my institution. It advertises my research and my research group to prospective students. Transcript […]

Awards Human interactions Marine & freshwater Poster

★ Hamilton, Mark // Implications of coral reef degradation for fisheries

Summary This poster introduces my PhD project and highlights the research questions I plan to investigate regarding tropical coral reef degradation and small-scale fisheries. My poster is aimed at early-career scientists who are thinking about doing a PhD (e.g. undergraduate/masters students) and I hope that it illustrates the process of defining different research questions within […]

Human interactions Poster

Flint, Liz // Impacts of public water supply on macronutrient cycles around the world

Summary This poster aims to act as a visual summary of my project’s proposal, inluding a summary of my first few weeks reading around the topic. The target audience is participants of this exhibition, as well as my friends and family, allowing them to further understand what my PhD will involve. I enjoyed putting my […]