Climate change Ecosystems Infographic

Turner, Laura L. // Changes in the Arctic: Getting to the root of the problem

Summary This infographic describes climate change in the Arctic, some potential impacts on ecosystem functioning, specifically roots and belowground processes. It highlights the importance of studying belowground components of these Arctic ecosystems. For non-specific academic audience. Transcript Climate change is occurring in the Arctic at a rapid rate compared with the rest of the globe. […]

Awards Climate change Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Hunt, Laura // Lake mud detectives: Investigating past environmental change of tropical crater lakes

Summary The infographic will be published as part of a magazine edited by the Past Global Changes project (PAGES) aimed at teenagers with an interest in environmental science, in order to promote their understanding and appreciation of the palaeosciences. The aim of this infographic is to provide a broad understanding of my PhD research field, […]