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Young, Sophie // Turbo-charging photosynthesis

Summary C4 photosynthesis is a ‘turbo-charged’ form of photosynthesis found in our most productive crop species. This infographic explains how C4 photosynthesis works, what plants use it, and why it’s important to scientists, in a way that is accessible to A-Level Biology students. Transcript C4 is a turbo-charged form of photosynthesis. C4 photosynthesis is found […]

Biodiversity Plants Poster

Carter, Ruth // Developing new management strategies for the Fall Armyworm and African Armyworm

Summary Both the Fall Armyworm moth (Spodoptera frugiperda), the African Armyworm moth (Spodoptera exempta) are a significant threat to African food security. Since S. frugiperda arrival in Africa four years ago, it has already spread throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Also, with the rise of pesticide poisoning in Africa, it is essential to find alternatives. I aim […]