Climate change Ecosystems Infographic

Turner, Laura L. // Changes in the Arctic: Getting to the root of the problem

Summary This infographic describes climate change in the Arctic, some potential impacts on ecosystem functioning, specifically roots and belowground processes. It highlights the importance of studying belowground components of these Arctic ecosystems. For non-specific academic audience. Transcript Climate change is occurring in the Arctic at a rapid rate compared with the rest of the globe. […]

Ecosystems Human interactions Infographic

Sartorius, Andrea // How trace metals distribute throughout ecosystems

Summary I created this infographic for the general adult public to illustrate how trace metals from derelict mines distribute throughout the surrounding ecosystem. Many people live near abandoned mine sites, but are unaware of the potential health risks. Using the current findings of my study, I highlight how trace metals disperse across environments and accumulate […]

Awards Biodiversity Ecosystems Visual abstract

★ Panter, Connor // Sex and age differences in the diet of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk using web-sourced photographs

Summary Eurasian Sparrowhawks are bird eating raptors displaying high sexual size dimorphism with females considerably larger than males. Both sexes feed on different prey items however diet differences remain unquantified. Using 673 web-sourced images of sparrowhawk kills, we quantified diet differences for the first time. Average female prey items were three times heavier than males. […]


Oliver, Tom // Tracking bees using drones

Summary Many insect species,including bees, are suffering a decline in numbers. To understand the causes of declines it must be possible to quantify an insects movement over great distances. This can be achieved through the use of a new drone technology produced at Bangor University. Target audience: Children up to adults who have a basic […]

Awards Ecosystems Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Kemp, Hannah // Bloomin’ blanket weed

Summary Across the UK, many freshwater ecosystems are experiencing more frequent and widespread blooms of filamentous macroalgae, more commonly known as blanket weed blooms. This infographic explores the main causes of these blooms and the impacts they have on both lake ecology and ecosystem services. It is aimed at KS3 secondary school students who are […]

Ecosystems Infographic

Hodgson, Mary // The savanna life planner

Summary The lack of tightly packed trees and subsequent domination of grasses that characterise savannas has traditionally been linked to human deforestation. However, recent research into the frequent grass fuelled fires has begun to answer questions on the origins of savannas. The purpose of this infographic is to aid GCSE Biology students learning about the […]

Ecosystems Forests Poster

Gresham, Amy // Can’t see the deer for the trees? Behavioural ecology of fallow deer in a human-altered landscape

Summary This poster provides an overview of my PhD and is aimed at students and researchers in biological sciences. Deer populations are expanding and pose a threat to woodland habitats. This project aims to identify factors influencing fallow deer activity and behaviour in different woodland environments in North Wales. Deer activity levels are predicted to […]

Ecosystems Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

Francis, Beth // Near-island enhancement in mesopelagic micronekton communities

Summary My visual abstract focuses on differences in mesopelagic micronekton communities at 500m, nearshore and offshore of west Hawai`i. Using night-time trawls, we showed differences in biomass, abundance and community composition between locations. My aim is to raise interest in the paper when published. My target audience are students and researchers, with a broad interest […]