Carbon Infographic Marine & freshwater

Sieradzan, Katie // Global oceans: Source or sink?

Summary Welcome to the fascinating world of the physical oceanography of shelf seas – the foundation that influences many ocean processes! This particular infographic (and the transcript below) is aimed at pupils in key stage 4. While climate change is covered in depth as part of the key stage 4 geography National Curriculum, ocean processes […]

Air pollution & contamination Marine & freshwater Poster

Ramage, Calum // Assessing the impacts of environmental contaminants on the Olifants River, Kruger National Park: from sediments to crocodiles

Summary The aim of this poster is to give the audience an explanatory introduction to my research. My target audience is simply a broad range of researchers with a scientific background who may have an interest in environmental sciences. Due to current circumstances, no data has yet been collected. The poster therefore merely explains the […]

Marine & freshwater Poster

Olsson, Freya // Can we improve lake water quality by modifying inflow rates?

Summary This poster offers an overview of a novel restoration method aiming to improve the water quality in nutrient enriched lake systems. The poster introduces a model system where the restoration has occurred as well as the methodology being used to test the impact of the work. The poster offers insights to lake managers (such […]

Awards Ecosystems Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Kemp, Hannah // Bloomin’ blanket weed

Summary Across the UK, many freshwater ecosystems are experiencing more frequent and widespread blooms of filamentous macroalgae, more commonly known as blanket weed blooms. This infographic explores the main causes of these blooms and the impacts they have on both lake ecology and ecosystem services. It is aimed at KS3 secondary school students who are […]

Awards Infographic Marine & freshwater Plastics

★ Jones, Nia // The story of microplastic

Summary Plastic, and subsequent microplastic pollution is a known hazard in our seas, but its full cycle from source, through transportation, to fate is less discussed. This infographic aims to introduce microplastic pollution, and its life cycle, to early secondary school students to engage them in the topic of plastic pollution and encourage them to […]

Awards Climate change Infographic Marine & freshwater

★ Hunt, Laura // Lake mud detectives: Investigating past environmental change of tropical crater lakes

Summary The infographic will be published as part of a magazine edited by the Past Global Changes project (PAGES) aimed at teenagers with an interest in environmental science, in order to promote their understanding and appreciation of the palaeosciences. The aim of this infographic is to provide a broad understanding of my PhD research field, […]

Awards Human interactions Marine & freshwater Poster

★ Hamilton, Mark // Implications of coral reef degradation for fisheries

Summary This poster introduces my PhD project and highlights the research questions I plan to investigate regarding tropical coral reef degradation and small-scale fisheries. My poster is aimed at early-career scientists who are thinking about doing a PhD (e.g. undergraduate/masters students) and I hope that it illustrates the process of defining different research questions within […]

Ecosystems Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

Francis, Beth // Near-island enhancement in mesopelagic micronekton communities

Summary My visual abstract focuses on differences in mesopelagic micronekton communities at 500m, nearshore and offshore of west Hawai`i. Using night-time trawls, we showed differences in biomass, abundance and community composition between locations. My aim is to raise interest in the paper when published. My target audience are students and researchers, with a broad interest […]

Awards Energy Marine & freshwater Visual abstract

★ Exley, Giles // Floating solar panels affect temperature and stratification in lakes

Summary Summarising the effects of increasing floating solar coverage on lake temperature and stratification dynamics, this abstract simplifies a non-linear response into three different densities of floating solar coverage. Originally created for submission to Water Research, this Adobe Illustrator crafted graphical abstract underwent substantial structural changes to fit the specific design brief for the Envision […]