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★ Exley, Giles // Floating solar panels affect temperature and stratification in lakes


Summarising the effects of increasing floating solar coverage on lake temperature and stratification dynamics, this abstract simplifies a non-linear response into three different densities of floating solar coverage. Originally created for submission to Water Research, this Adobe Illustrator crafted graphical abstract underwent substantial structural changes to fit the specific design brief for the Envision digital exhibition. Adding a title, author details and logos transformed the abstract from the journal specific size requirements to those required here, while maintaining the core purely-illustration based centrepiece.

Giles Exley

Giles Exley

Giles’ research focusses on floatovoltaics, a relatively new form of solar photovoltaics that floats on water bodies. Up until now, there has been a limited research effort to quantify their effects on water bodies. Water companies are deploying floatovoltaic systems as a means to generate renewable electricity and therefore reduce their carbon-emissions at water treatment works. Giles is undertaking research that will help unlock the potential for floatovoltaics maximising environmental co-benefits.

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Twitter: @GilesExley

Organisation: Lancaster University