Human interactions Poster

Flint, Liz // Impacts of public water supply on macronutrient cycles around the world


This poster aims to act as a visual summary of my project’s proposal, inluding a summary of my first few weeks reading around the topic. The target audience is participants of this exhibition, as well as my friends and family, allowing them to further understand what my PhD will involve. I enjoyed putting my new skills using Affinity Designer to use, as well as to begin to synthesise information relating to my subject area.

Liz Flint

Liz Flint

Liz will start her PhD in October 2020 at the British Geological Survey, under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Ascott and Dr. Benjamin Surridge. Liz graduated from Bristol in 2019, with an Msci in Environmental Geoscience. She is looking forward to developing her skills as a scientist and making a positive contribution towards environmental sustainability and sustainable water supply issues.


Organisation: British Geological Survey