Air pollution & contamination Marine & freshwater Poster

Ramage, Calum // Assessing the impacts of environmental contaminants on the Olifants River, Kruger National Park: from sediments to crocodiles

Summary The aim of this poster is to give the audience an explanatory introduction to my research. My target audience is simply a broad range of researchers with a scientific background who may have an interest in environmental sciences. Due to current circumstances, no data has yet been collected. The poster therefore merely explains the […]

Air pollution & contamination Infographic

Clayson, Alison // Exposure from pollutants in soil

Summary This infographic is designed to give A-level students background about the different factors that can influence a pollutant entering the body from soil. It includes soil properties that affect the pollutant’s release from soil and the different exposure pathways a pollutant can enter the body. Specifically, it focuses on the dermal pathway and understanding […]